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Philana Mia is an American stage and film actress ​known for Whaling City, ​winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Screenwriting Award and Feature Film Production Grant. A versatile performer, ​critics have described her as being "nuanced and energetic", "alternating effortlessly between her character’s comedic and serious moments."  An award winning and published playwright herself (Cold Feet, Patrick and Gwen, & The Waiting Room), she is also the co-founder of Morton Street Productions, creator of the pop culture web series "What I Learned From...". ​


Mia ​is originally from Lincoln, Massachusetts. Her father is of Polish descent and her mother is of 

​Italian ancestry​.  So naturally her parents named her Philana which means "lover of mankind" in Greek.  She succeeds in this most days. She's a lover of dogs, still thinks My So Called Life ​deserved a second season, is an avid runner, and loves calling Los Angeles her new home.

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